National Portrait Gallery London


National Portrait Gallery London

The NPG or the National Portrait Gallery is one of the most visited art galleries in London . When this portrait gallery started its journey in 1856, it was the only such gallery in the entire planet. Initially, it had a different location. The NPG relocated to its present location at Saint Martin’s Place in 1896. To be more precise, the gallery is situated in Charing Cross Road, a street located in the northern territories of St. Martin’s Place.

As its name suggests, the National Portrait Gallery houses a huge collection of fascinating portraits of famous and historically important Britons. NPG’s collection includes everything from paintings and sculptures to caricatures and photographs of well known British people. The portraits displayed here have been selected based on the sitter’s significance (and not based on how famous the artists are). One of the most talked about creations housed by this gallery is the “Chandos Portrait”, the most famed portrait of legendary playwright William Shakespeare. The place is also home to a series of self-portraits; these include self-portraits by celebrated British artists such as Sir Joshua Reynolds, William Hogarth, and so on.

The gallery remains open on all days of the week from 10 am to 6 pm. The only exception is Christmas Day; the NPG remains closed for the entire day every year on December 25.

Entry to the National Portrait Gallery is free however there are some excellent tours available to give you more information on some of the artwork.

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