Churchill War Rooms


Churchill War Rooms

The Churchill War rooms are an amazing look into British life during World War II with the original underground war rooms and bunker remaining intact under the London streets of Whitehall.

In this underground nerve centre, Winston Churchill and his cabinet help to direct British actions during the Second World War. This museum is packed full of some amazing artifacts of war and is also packed full of information about the legacy of Churchill from his childhood through to his rousing wartime speeches that were inspirational to British morale during the war.

Even if your not particularly interested in Churchill this museum still offers an amazing history of World War 2 and worth the entry fee.

Churchill War Rooms Tickets

The Churchill War Rooms house the first national museum dedicated to Winston Churchill, where the exciting story of this great man is brought to life.

Churchill War Rooms
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Address: Clive Steps, King Charles St, Westminster, London SW1A 2AQ, UK
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