Somerset House

Somerset House is a large building located to the east of the famous Waterloo Bridge overlooking the River Thames and was originally used as a Tudor Palace. It is now considered a major center of London ’s art and culture.  The first thing that would strike you about the Somerset House is the design of the building (it was built way back in 1547 as a palace for the Royal Family). However, there’s more to this place than its beauty. It keeps housing various kinds of activities all through the year.

During the summer months, people gather here for witnessing the actions of 55 fountains in the building’s courtyard. During winter, on the other hand, the place converts itself into the city’s most loved skating rink. In addition, the Somerset House also hosts live gigs, movie screenings, and last, but not the least the London Fashion Week. For fans of art and culture, there’s the Courtauld Gallery, which remains open all through the year showcasing some amazing paintings. The exhibits of the gallery include paintings from all eras from that of early renaissance to the 20th century.

Somerset house is located between The Strand and the River Themes in the centre of London and is easy to access using the Temple Underground Station or walking down from Covent Gardens.

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Address: Strand, London WC2R 1LA, UK
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