Royal London Taxi Tour


Royal London Taxi Tour

With two Royal wedding this yearour ‘Royal London Taxi Tour’ is proving to be very popular.  Tea with the Queen or an invite to a royal wedding  is not something we can arrange!  But don’t be disappointed, if the UK’s monarchy is something you are interested in then we have the private taxi tour for you!  Your 3 hour taxi tour will take you to all the palaces and castles that our Kings and Queens, Princes and Princess have lived through a millennium and will include the ceremonial routes that our monarchs took for coronations and royal weddings. Our taxi tour guide will share a wealth of royal knowledge with you about past and present monarchs. You will hear stories of revolution, scandals that rocked the monarchy and royal romance.

What You Can Expect

Royal London Your Royal London Taxi Tour will be a tour to remember and will include someone of the most photographed sights of London.  Along with these memories we share a history that is so interesting, sometimes compelling, the facts will be hard to forget.  If you would like to know where King Charles I lost his head and where The Queen and Princess Margaret partied with the commoners (incognito) on VE day, we would love to tell you and more…

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Your Taxi Tour Will Include

  • Royal Parks
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Horse Guards Parade
  • Kensington Palace
  • The Tower of London
  • St James Palace
  • Buckingham Palace and so much more
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Your London Taxi Tour Guide All of our London taxi tour guides have passed the world famous Knowledge of London exam and have on average been driving a London Black Taxi for over 25 years.  In addition, many of our London taxi tour guides have additional tour guide qualifications which means their knowledge of London history, buildings, places and people is second to none. Their knowledge and passion for London means that we are confident that whatever tour you chose it will be fun, informative and memorable. Your Taxi Tour Guide will also have numerous anecdotes and personal stories to share with you on that day!

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Making your tour the perfect London Taxi Tour

If you want to see a particular sight on your private tour and don’t know if we cover it, just let us know and we will make it happen. If you see something on the taxi tour that really catches your eye and you want to stop to take a better look just tell your Taxi Tour Guide. Along with your full tour commentary there will be plenty of opportunities to stop and take photographs. Our London Taxi Tour Guide will be happy to take photos of your group, just ask. Need a comfort break? Coffee or quick refreshment? Just tell us. It’s your time and your London Taxi Tour.

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This tour will last approx 3 hours. We will have pre-agreed a pick up location with you.  Make sure we have your cell phone number so we can tell you we have arrived and are ready to start your tour. Departure time Every day, with tours leaving at either 10.30am or 2pm.  However, there is some flexibility with these times so just let us know if another time would suit you better.

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Royal London Taxi Tour

The 3 hour Royal London Taxi Tour will take you to all the palaces and castles that our Kings and Queens, Princes and Princess have lived.

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