London Food

London Food

Most Australians traditionally associate London with fish and chips, roast beef, bangers and mash and afternoon tea. Do to our history a lot of the traditional Australians foods are based on British counterparts with some minor changes.
London itself offers so much more in cuisine, the location of the city and its history including recent migration means you can get a wide range of cosmopolitan foods from different cultures. Let’s looks at some of the food options that we recommend you try when visiting London for the first time.

Fish & Chips

While they are traditionally British, Australians have a proud history of fish & chips with most families having their favorite shop. A lot of Aussies are disappointed when they try fish & chips in London for the first time. We often hear complaints of soggy chips and bland fish compared to what most Australians have grown up with.
Personally we prefer a piece of Flake to the haddock which is commonly sold in most chippies in the UK however we like the soggy chips with salt and vinegar. This could come down to personal choice so I would suggest ask for a good option and try for yourself and don’t forget the mushy peas!!!

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Chicken Tikka Masala


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