Where to Stay in London

Where to Stay in London

London’s attractions are spread out over a wide area which sometimes makes it difficult deciding where is the best place to stay. The choice of neighborhood can depends on a number of factors including your interests and budget. At London Guide we recommend some of the more central areas however the fantastic public transport network and beautiful walkable streets means that even some of the outer areas are just as convenient.  The best hotels are also spread over a wide area with budget, family and luxury accommodation easy to find in most of the London boroughs.

Most visitors tend to favour The West End which consists of Covent Garden, Soho, Oxford Street and Leicester Square. This area is very central and close to the London theatre district, nightlife and shopping. This area is packed with tourists and is very well connected to the London underground. You will find a lot of 4 star and 5 star hotels in The West End however if you look carefully you will also find some budget gems.

To the north of the West End are the Fitzrovia and Bloomsbury  areas that are also centrally located. This area is home to the British Museum and also St Pancras train station which is the final destination of the Eurostar service from Paris . We love the quiet street around this area, it seems to be just far enough from the crowds of the West End. Some great hotels and airbnb apartments  are available in this part of London.

West of the West End is Kensington, Belgravia and Palace Green which has some great attractions including Buckingham Palace and hotels of different budgets. Its also on the Piccadilly line making it easier to get to and from Heathrow Airport.

To the south of the West End is Westminster which is full of attractions and tourists. This area is the home of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the House of Parliament.  Then on the other side of the river Thames you have Southwalk and South Bank which is a fantastic area to stay. The East End of London is home to some amazing multicultural areas and some fantastic attractions.

What is Best Area to Stay in London?

To help you decide on the best area to stay in London we have looked at each area and the suitability for the following criteria, nearby attractions, restaurants, quality of hotels, pricing and location. The best area for a family might be different that the best area for a couple seeking a romantic getaway. We have tried to cater for all types of travellers.

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Best London Area for Sightseeing

If you are trying to book a hotel close to the best London attractions then you should consider Westminster, Covent Garden, South Bank or South Kensington. These areas are home to most of the big attractions that you will definitely want to see on your first trip to London. London Guide recommends Covent Garden for it central location and ease of getting to all of London’s attractions. View the 112 Hotels available in Covet Garden

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Best London Area for Budget Travel

If you are trying to save money on accommodation when you travel then you might be best to avoid the inner part of London with its fancy and expensive hotels. Budget offerings are available however it is a trade-off between price and quality. We like the Kings Cross area or the East End of London for some better quality budget accommodation. You can also book a single room using Airbnb, if you have never used the service before click here for a free credit. The Clink78 Hotel is perfect for younger travellers and located only 10 minutes from Kings Cross.

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Best London Area for Restaurants and Dining

London is home to some of the best restaurants n the world from luxury Michelin star winners to budget family favorites. The West End has including SOHO has a fantastic range of restaurants, you can also visit the amazing smells and tastes of nearby Chinatown which makes this area a great place to stay. We love some of the amazing multicultural dishes served in Shoreditch and around Brick Lane which is home to some of the worlds best curries. View some of the great hotels around Brick Lane

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Best London Area for Families

If you are staying in London with your family you need to ensure you pick an area close to attractions, easy public transport and great kid friendly restaurants. The area around Notting Hill is home to some great family attractions including the Science Museum and Natural History Museum and some of the amazing family friendly hotels and apartments like Grand Plaza Serviced Apartments make it a great place to stay with your family. The South Bank area is also a fantastic place to stay with families, full of attractions, restaurants and amazing hotels. The Park Plaza Westminster Bridge is in a perfect location and fantastic for all families.

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Best London Area for Couples

If your on a honeymoon or just after a bit of romantic luxury while you stay in London then you have plenty of options including great hotels in Mayfair. Our favorite luxury hotels are the 5 star Claridge’s or The Sanderson located in upmarket Fizrovia.

Looking for more options? Check out London’s best Airbnbs

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Summary of London Areas

For more detail on each London area visit the links below, this will help show you some of the best accommodation, attractions and tours available in each area.

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